Complete Payout Platform

The Payment Rails platform gives you access to the Payment Rails global network
and the ability to use your own accounts to plug and pay.

  • Global Bank Transfers

    Localized bank transfer in 65+ countries and 50+ currencies, SWIFT Bank Transfers worldwide in over 125+ currencies.

  • VISA and MasterCard Transfers

    Transfer funds instantly to any existing VISA or MasterCard Debit or Credit Card. 

  • Cash Payments

    Instant cash pick-up at 200,000+ locations worldwide.

  • check icon
    Paper Checks

    We ship physical paper checks with your branding in USD, EUR, CAD and GBP currencies.

  • prepaid card icon
    Prepaid Card

    Offer your recipients a branded prepaid card for instant, real-time payouts.

  • Mobile Money

    Reach all of the world, including mobile money users in Africa and Asia with M-Pesa, Airtel, Smart + more.

an iPad displaying settings page of Payment Rails platform

Global Payment Platform

Expanding your business internationally is easy with us.
You take care of your business while we provide you the best payout technology and solutions for mass payments.

  • Multi-Channel

    No more need to juggle multiple bank accounts, currencies, FX and payment methods.

  • Worldwide Coverage

    One platform. Global reach. Access new markets as you scale.

  • yen icon
    Multiple Currencies

    Pick a currency, any currency! We got it.

  • Payment Options

    More payment options for your recipients.

  • White Label Platform

    Your brand is king. You take the credit while we support you.

  • 'plug and play' icon
    Plug and Pay

    Use your own Paypal wallet for an integrated experience.

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a macbook pro displaying Payment Rails dashboard

Plug and Pay

a screen shot from Payment Rails platform showing gateways accounts with the total dollar amount
  • Paypal logo

    Send PayPal payments from your own PayPal account with our easy user interface.

  • Check icon

    Print and mail checks drawn on your own bank account.

  • Other E-wallets

    Already use another e-wallet for payouts? We might be able to support that too.

Automate your payouts

  • Live Transaction Tracking

    Stay updated with real-time transaction tracking. Be in the know.

  • Payment Automation

    Get your time back. Streamline your entire mass payment process across the world.

  • Reconciling and Reporting

    Robust reporting that will make your accountant jump for joy. Priceless!

  • Tax and Regulatory Compliance

    W-8, W-9 forms for 1099 submissions. Scan recipients against watch lists. Check.

  • Export & Import data to your accounting software

    Easily upload payee info, and export payment data to any accounting software package.

Request early access to our global payout platform.

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