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Recipient Management Features

  • Recipient Widget

    Upgrade your payouts experience by lunch time

    recipient widget

    Integrate our Recipient Widget to your website or mobile app in less that 20 minutes, to allow you to capture your recipient bank account details directly from your users. It’s customizable with your brand colors, responsive, and includes bank validation rules for all countries.

    We then tokenize and securely store your recipient details for you, ready for when you need to pay them.

  • recipient widget
  • white label screenshot
  • White-Label Email Confirmations

    Email your recipients payment confirmations

    white label screenshot

    With our fully white-label email setup, you can automatically send emails to your recipients each time a payment is sent to them. Emails are branded in your company colours, with your logo on top and sent from your company email domain name. All at no extra cost.

    That’s what we call a fully white label experience.

  • Returned Payment Handling

    Automate your handling of returned payments

    returned payment

    We do everything we can to avoid returned payments, but sometimes they happen. When they do, we automate resolving them. We automagically email your recipient to let them know what the issue was and ask them to login to their profile on your website or app to review and update their account info. We will hold any future payments until that is done to prevent additional returns.

    We also have a returned payment webhook if you want to send recipients your own notification.

  • returned payment
  • bank account validation
  • Bank Account Validation

    Reduce returns by validating bank details upfront

    bank account validation

    Minimize returned payments and the admin legwork and costs that go with that, not to mention the terrible end user experience.

    With Payment Rails we validate bank account details on capture to prevent issues later on, whether you are using our API or Recipient Widget, or even our dashboard and csv file uploads.

Now that you have an efficient platform for capturing and managing your recipients, learn how to send them payments.

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