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Payment Features

  • Live Payment Tracking

    Track your payments in real-time

    live payment tracking

    Stay updated with real-time transaction tracking. Track the current live status of any payment, allowing you to know precisely where a payment is at any time.

    With direct access to the live payment status, your staff are now armed to handle most payout support queries internally, resulting in a far better end-user experience.

    We are all about improving the UX to your end-users.

  • live payment tracking
  • approval process
  • Approval Workflows

    Customize and automate your Payment Approval flows

    approval process

    Every business has it own internal rules for who needs to approve outgoing payments, and within what limits. You can assign approval rights to individuals based on custom value limits, including how many people need to approve a payment.

    We will automatically email approvers when a payment is awaiting their approval, and provide transparency and traceability on who declines or approves each payment.

  • Instant Payments

    Send instant payments that arrive in seconds

    instant payments

    Need to send payments to your end-users quickly? Like, really really quickly? Now you can with Payment Rails Instant payments.

    Send payouts instantly to the existing debit card that your recipient has in their pocket. There is no need to ship a new card to them. Payments are received within seconds and available to spent straight away. Ideal for contract workers that want to get paid at the end of their shift, or if your platform provides a balance that can be withdrawn by your users on request.

  • instant payments
  • foreign exchange rates
  • Live Foreign Exchange Rates

    Get the live FX rate and save on currency conversions

    foreign exchange rates

    Stop paying the high foreign exchange rates that banks and other providers charge on international payments. With Payment Rails, you get access to live FX rates based on the live interbank rate.

    We support converting into over 150 currencies, so wherever you need to send money to and in whichever currency, we have it covered.

    Sending over $75,000 a month? Contact us for customized FX pricing.

Sounds good so far? Now learn more about our risk and fraud management features.

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