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Risk and Fraud Management Features

  • Watchlist screening

    AML Compliance seamlessly built-in

    watchlist screening

    International payments is complicated enough without having to also deal with additional compliance, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF) concerns. Payment Rails has a built-in compliance engine that screens individuals and entities against all the necessary global watchlists (such as OFAC, EU, OSFI, HMT …).

    Our AML watchlist screening service leverages the most advanced AI and fuzzy matching logic to help secure your business from bad actors and ensure that every payment is checked for legitimacy and legality.

  • watchlist screening
  • fraud management
  • Fraud Management soon

    Identify fraudulent users before you send your payouts

    fraud management

    Payment Rails’ built-in fraud monitoring service leverages the latest in machine learning and big data to identify bad actors in your user-base before payments are sent out, saving you from potentially large fraud losses before they happen.

    Using data points such as IP address, device fingerprints, geolocation data, email, payout account details, and many other proprietary risk rules, we can help identify potential fraudsters in real time and disable user accounts for your review.

    We allow you to leverage the confirmed bad user data from thousands of other online marketplaces, share economy platforms, affiliate platforms, and money transfer providers .

    Fraud Management is available on our Platform package.

  • ID verification soon

    Automate the KYC & onboarding of your contract workers

    id verification

    Streamline your onboarding of contract workers and freelancers on your platform using our built-in automated eKYC and identity verification service, powered by AI.

    Verify the authenticity of ID documents such as drivers licenses and passports, as well as validate name and address information against credit reporting agencies and other trusted data sources, covering 175+ countries.

    ID Verification is available on our Platform package.

  • id verification

With all your payee Compliance, KYC and fraud monitoring automated and taken care of, now learn about how we secure your valuable data.

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