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Security Features

  • tokenization bank level security
  • Tokenization & Bank Level Security

    We keep your data super secure

    tokenization bank level security

    Payment Rails uses AWS for secure hosting, the market leader that most modern tech companies today use.

    We use end to end 256-bit bank level security. We believe in always-on TLS and maintaining data encryption while at rest and in motion. All passwords and API secrets are one-way hashed using Bcrypt with a factor of 10. API secrets are generated using cryptographically secure random number generators and represent over 128-bits of entropy.

    We have built-in tokenization of all sensitive information such as bank account and debit card numbers, government IDs and social security numbers.

  • Two Factor Authentication

    Add an extra layer of security with 2FA

    two factor authentication

    Enable two factor authentication on your Payment Rails account and receive an access code to sign from a new device.

    Choose the 2FA method that works best for you: by email, sms text message, or with Google Authenticator.

  • two factor authentication
  • domain whte listing
  • IP & Domain Access White-Listing

    Lock down access to those that need it

    domain whte listing

    Add an additional layer of security to your Payment Rails dashboard by white-listing approved IP addresses, and restricting access from any other IP addresses. Helpful if you only wish to allow access from your office IP address.

    You can also limit access to the API to just from your domains.

  • Security Notifications

    Monitor your admin user account activity

    security notifications

    Keep informed instantly when one of your staff users requests a password reset on their account, sets a password, or other user level activity. Notifications can be sent by email, text message, or to a Slack channel.

  • security notifications
  • user roles and permissions
  • User Roles and Permissions

    Assign your team granular level permissions & access

    user roles and permissions

    Issue individual logins to each team member in your company that needs it, and assign an appropriate role to users with permission levels to match their responsibilities. We don’t charge extra fees for each user, so there is no reason for anyone to share logins.

    We support five different roles with permissions level specific for developers, read-only users, admins, owners and regular team members – each with access levels that make sense that user.

Now that you know we take data security super seriously, check out our pricing page next to see which plan has the features you need.

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