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Act locally, work globally

Far too many businesses are held back from scaling their business internationally due to the complexities surrounding international payments. Having the right infrastructure for cross-border payments is crucial. We’ve got you covered.

Global Payments Infrastructure

Act locally, work globally

Far too many businesses are held back from scaling their business internationally due to the complexities surrounding international payments. Having the right infrastructure for cross-border payments is crucial. We’ve got you covered.

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Go Global

Make mass payouts to recipients in 200+ countries around the world without the need to setup complicated subsidiaries and banking relationships.


Leverage our infrastructure to automate collection, validation of banking information and disbursement of mass payments. Send 50 payments or 5000 payments without having to scale staffing.

Scale Seamlessly

Start in 1 country, and light up 60+ countries overnight without any additional work.

Focus on your users – Let us provide the global payout infrastructure

Manage less and go live faster with Payment Rails

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When you leverage Payment Rails’ Payout API, you can focus on building your brand.

Payment Rails delivers the best global payout experience. You know your business and what it takes to succeed. We understand the complex world of global payouts and we know what it takes to deliver an outstanding experience.

corporations bank liquidity treasury management
corporations bank liquidity treasury management

Corporations, Bank Accounts,
Liquidity & Treasury Management

Managing multiple currencies and local payment methods requires the setup of local subsidiaries and banking relationships. In most cases, you would also need to maintain liquidity in those accounts, in order to ensure a timely delivery of payments, requiring sometimes up to 3 days of your daily average, which means tying up working capital.

We have built a powerful global network of banking partners so you don’t have to. Leveraging our Payout Platform with your existing corporation and bank account will give you access to our network of 135+ currencies, global banking network and localized banking networks in over 60+ countries.

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International Networks

To reduce international payment costs and bank transfer costs, you would need to setup localized banking networks and treasury management solutions to provide in country solutions such as ACH in the United States, SEPA in Europe, BACS & FPS in the United Kingdom.

With Payment Rails, you can access local banking networks as seamlessly as your own domestic network.

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Onboarding and User Verification

Payments are complex, with compliance headaches, various banking standards, stringent laws, regulation, and complex infrastructures. Our automated AML watchlist screening will flag any bad actors, and automatically request additional verification.

Our Payout API lets you seamlessly hook into our platform while we manage these complexities for you.

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Security & Tokenization

Avoid storing sensitive client data on your servers and let Payment Rails collect, tokenize and store data in accordance to PCI Compliance.
Learn more

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bank account validation
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Global Bank Account Validation

Minimize returned payments and the admin costs that go with that, not to mention the terrible end user experience.

With Payment Rails’, we validate bank account details on capture to prevent issues later on, whether you are using our API, Recipient Widget, or even our dashboard.

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AML & Regulatory Compliance

International payments are complicated enough without having to also deal with additional compliance concerns. Payment Rails has a built-in compliance engine screening individuals and entities against global watchlists (OFAC, EU, OSFI, HMT, UN, etc).

Payment Rails handles all of this for you, meeting those obligations, so you can stay focused on your business. Payment Rails and its partner maintain money transmitter licenses in the U.S., Canada, and the EU. Learn more

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tax compliance
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Tax Compliance

If you are paying independent contractors or freelancers in the US and/or globally, you are required to adhere to IRS regulations by collecting tax forms, validating and determining tax withholding. This is a labor intensive and manual process normally.

Payment Rails accounts payable tax compliance platform streamlines the entire W-9 & 1099 and W-8BEN & FATCA process with digital tax form collection, validation, withholding calculations, payouts and year-end tax reporting. Learn more

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Payment Rails Payout API

From global mass payouts, to real-time currency conversions, our APIs can help you create a tailored solution that meets your unique payment needs. We’ve designed our APIs using RESTful architecture making it an easy and frictionless experience.

With our robust Payout Platform, you can be up and running within minutes and begin to pay your independent contractors, freelancers, publishers, affiliates, influencers, and suppliers anywhere around the world.

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