Why payment rails

As the 100% payouts platform, we’re here to help you

  1. Reduce payouts administration time and costs by up to 80%
    1. We’ll automate your end-user onboarding - collecting payee information and payment method details, with all the necessary validation, fraud and background checks to keep your business safe.
    2. Plus, our white-label service will keep your end-users informed without requiring valuable time and effort in communicating. Furthermore, the Payment Rails platform can reconcile with your accounting system.
    3. PS. If you deal with the US tax system, check out number 5 on the list!
  2. Reduce payment costs
    1. Our low monthly subscription cost is free from long-term contracts and expensive cancellation costs.
    2. Foreign Exchange costs are kept to a minimum and can be passed on to your customers if you choose.
    3. We don’t charge a percentage of your payouts, further keeping your costs low.
  3. Expand into new markets seamlessly.
    1. Payment Rails can facilitate payouts to over 200 countries, in more than 135 currencies, and 20+ end-user languages.
  4. Offer faster and more payout methods to recipients
    1. We offer several payout methods, which your customers can choose from, plus we’re busy working on adding more.
  5. Maintain tax compliance and avoid IRS fines.
    1. Keeping up with the IRS could be a full-time job, but the Payment Rails platform automates collecting, validating, withholding, and filing the necessary tax forms.
  6. Provide a secure environment for your data
    1. At Payment Rails, we take the security of your data and money very seriously. We are currently SOC 2 Type I compliant and consistently review and enhance our processes and systems to remain secure. Read more about our security.

Here’s why you’ll love Payment Rails

CFOs and Controllers

Move beyond manual, tactical payout operations and leverage the talents of your team to make a fundamental strategic impact.

Reduce payables risk
  • Strengthen financial controls
  • Improve tax and regulatory compliance Achieve faster financial close
  • Real-time payment reconciliation
  • Centralize AP across global entities
Accounts Payable Staff

Skip manual invoice and payment processing and develop finance skills to elevate your career.

Ensure greater accuracy and capacity
  • Confidently pay thousands globally in a few clicks
  • Minimize supplier communication challenges
  • Automate onboarding and notification
  • 24x7 payment status for you and your suppliers
Operations and IT

Bring your organization to a new level with technology that enables efficient payments in a world-class, end-to-end platform.

Ensure high volume and performance
  • Reliable SSAE16 SOC multi-tenant infrastructure
  • Meets rigorous money transmitter compliance requirements
  • Seamless integration with ERP and in-house systems
  • Secure payables API
  • Minimal-impact implementation processes
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