• Make payouts
    to your worldwide Workers

    Send payments to any country, in any currency. Fast.

  • Automate your payouts with
    our Payout API

    Have clear visibility and control through our awesome dashboard.

  • Empower your workers
    with choice

    Give your recipients choice of payment method and currency.



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Complete Payout Platform

The Payment Rails platform gives you access to the Payment Rails global network and the ability to use your own accounts to plug and pay.

  • Global Bank Transfers

    Localized bank transfer in 65+ countries and 50+ currencies, SWIFT Bank Transfers worldwide in over 125+ currencies.

  • VISA and MasterCard Transfers

    Transfer funds electronically to any existing VISA or MasterCard Credit or Debit Card.

  • Cash Payments

    Cash pick-up at 200,000+ locations worldwide.

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Global Payment Platform

It's never been easier to grow your business internationally. Get access to Payment Rails’ next generation payments infrastructure and global banking network.

  • Multi-Channel

    No more need to juggle multiple bank accounts, currencies, FX and payment methods.

  • Worldwide Coverage

    One platform. Global reach. Access new markets as you scale your business.

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    Multiple Currencies

    Pick a currency, any currency! We got it.

  • Payment Options

    More payment options for your recipients.

  • White Label Platform

    Your brand is king. You take the credit while we support you.

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    Plug and Play

    Use your own Paypal wallet for a simplified andn integrated experience.

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Pricing like it should be. Simple, upfront and transparent.

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Reduce your payout costs to $0.  (zero. nada. zilch)

Transaction fees can be paid by your business or paid by the recipient. Many companies prefer to pass these on. In doing so, your business would pay no costs for payouts. That’s right, nothing.

Another option is for you to subsidize to a limit (e.g. $3), and the recipient pays any extras based on their chosen method.

Regardless of who is paying, Payment Rails offers low fees. You have complete control of your costs, whilst giving your recipients choice.

  • No setup fees
  • No per user fees
  • No hiddens fees
  • No contract fees
  • Cancel anytime

Request early access to our global payout platform.

We are currently in private beta. However, you can signup for our waitlist to get early access.